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 “Monica Charline Brown, as Lois Lane, was a showstopper in multiple numbers.”

 -Paul Wilborn, Palladium Paul’s Blog – Kiss Me, Kate


“Ms. Brown certainly knows how to put over this comic part with pizzazz.”

 -William S. Oser, Talkin’ Broadway – Kiss Me, Kate


“‘Legally Blonde’ casts effervescent Monica Charline Brown as the irrepressible Elle Woods. An actress of comparable strength, determination, poise and personality, her characterization is never prom-queen Barbie, sorority girl Barbie or Malibu Barbie. Her Elle means business. She is a force to be reckoned with. Get in her way and she'll snap you in half. Vocally, she is passionate, caring and marvelously melodic. There's a real understanding and appreciation for the collation of songs her character sings. The music suits her talents and really does create an energetic, harmonious whole.”

 -James V. Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2, Column 98– Legally Blonde


“And I must give a shout-out to Monica Charline Brown who played Elle Woods – she was extremely impressive, in her talent and abilities! I was fortunate enough to be in the front row, where I could fully appreciate her portrayal of the lead character.  Please visit Monica’s website, and check her out.  She is definitely going places!”

 -Mar Jennings (five-time Emmy® nominated television show host, entrepreneur, philanthropist and influencer), The mar Blog, Blond by Association – Legally Blonde


“Monica Charline Brown as Amalia Balash not only has a great deal of regional theatre productions to her credit, but she also plenty of film experience as well. That’s not surprising since she has incredible stage presence and a soprano voice that thrills audiences.”

 -Joanne Greco Rochman, Republican American – She Loves Me


“With a background in opera, Monica Charline Brown is perfect for the role of Amalia.”

 -Jean Dunn, Prime Publishers Voices News – She Loves Me


“Early in the show, Monica Brown’s solo in ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker’ is stunning in its clarity.”

         -Jean Dunn, Prime Publishers Voices News – Fiddler on the Roof


“Tevye’s three marriageable daughters all deliver fine vocals and outstanding performances.”

         -Joanne Greco Rochman, Republican American – Fiddler on the Roof


“…Monica Charline Brown’s demure, unwitting Yasuko…”

         -Joseph Reid, cool Bilingual Art Magazine – Forbidden Colors


“As Anita, Monica Brown is stellar.  She’s fiery, authentic, talented and an acting/dancing/singing phenom.  She leads the Shark Girls in the song ‘America’ and Brown just makes it all hers.  I’ll be singing ‘America’ in my head for the rest of the summer.  And when she sings ‘A Boy Like That,’ the warning in Brown’s voice is clear.  There’s a scene toward the end of Act II when Anita is terrorized by The Jets, and Brown gives an award-winning performance in that scene.  Audiences will see a woman try to be strong while simultaneously fearing for what is being done to her.  It’s one of the darkest scenes in the entire musical, and Brown just handles it perfectly.”

        -David Slone, Times-Union Newspaper – West Side Story


“Brown and Allston create a chemistry that is both intoxicating and toxic as the two fall in, out and in love again through the show.”

        -Paul Batterson, Broadway World Columbus – RENT


“Monica Brown’s ‘Mimi’ as a dancer is astonishing, a physical performance that embodies the soul trapped by her compulsions.”

        -Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground – RENT


“Monica Brown is hilarious as Kim’s fellow Conrad Birdie fan club member, Ursula Merkel.”

        -Jen Poiry-Prough, – Bye Bye Birdie


“That makes for some delightful performances, including…Brown’s as an alternately wry and feral Little Red…”

        -Margaret Quamme, The Columbus Dispatch – Into the Woods


“He (Matthew Janisse) and Brown perfectly sing ‘Now I Have Everything’ together, and it’s a beautiful union of two actors who embody their roles well.”

        -David Slone, Times-Union Newspaper – Fiddler on the Roof


“As Tevye’s oldest daughters, Tzeitel (Rachel Eskenazi-Gold), Hodel (Monica Brown) and Chava (Alison Schiller) express their feeling humorously in ‘Matchmaker,’ and Brown’s ‘Far From the Home I Love’ poignantly echoes the parting of all parents and children, no matter the distance.”

        -Marcia Fulmer, MarciaMarciaMarcia – Fiddler on the Roof


“Both Brown and Janisse are great as young lovers.”

        -Jeri Seely, Ink Free News – Fiddler on the Roof


“Monica Brown, Haley Jones and Marina Pires bring a do-whoop funk to the role of the urchins, who serve as characters as well as storytellers of the show.”

        -Paul Batterson, Broadway World Columbus – Little Shop of Horrors


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